Japanese Bands' Archives

Welcome to the world of Japanese rock bands and Pop-Music!

This is an introduction and archive website for music lovers who are interested in Japanese rock bands and pop-music.

I guess that many of you are wondering what it is like and also curious about it.
I know that there are tons of people who’s interested in Japanese bands and pop-music (and culture as well). But, you might just find some useless ranking articles which introduced fad singers and songs you never be attracted or it lead you to wikipedia’s poor information articles after all if you've once tried to google it.
There are tons of websites or blogs about it written in Japanese though, you probably feel that you’re lazy to study Japanese and dig those. This is the website for such a kind of people.
And there are many nice bands or music from Japan that is good and worthy enough to listen to even for foreign listeners actually.

Anyway,I try to do my best to introduce japanese bands and musicians from various kinds of genre and era. But I don’t have enough staffs to do it in a perfect way so far, so I intend to invite some volunteers in the near future if it's possible.
Therefore, we'd like to make simple descriptions to help you to come in touch with wide range of music rather than making it like detailed encyclopedia.
In the other hand, I also try not to make it boring and verbose, to pick up bands and musicians from the view of musicians as I am.
All I hope is making you much more familiar with Japanese bands and pop-music. Just enjoy!