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Navigator / 1986 Omega Tribe, 1986

“Navigator” was released from VAP on July 23rd, 1986 by 1986 Omega Tribe.

One of the most representative albums for City Pop, includes their famous debut-track “Kimi-wa-1000%(You’re 1000%)”. This band used to call itself just “Omega Tribe”, and had already released a couple of albums, the reason why they changed their name was due to singer change.

The new singer, Carlos Toshiki is a Japanese Brazilian. He moved to Japan 1982 to be a singer as he already had some successful experience as a singer among Japanese community in Brazil such as winning the first prizes for official contests.

This album is specimen of City Pop which always sings mostly about summer and bitter breaking up. Carlos Toshiki’s sweet feminine voice is perfect for those songs and pretty hard to find any other singer like him in the west. Maybe Christopher Cross is the one.