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Record Stores in Tokyo

As you know or you may not know, Tokyo has one of the hugest record markets in the world.
Therefore, there are almost 100 record stores in Tokyo “only for Vinyls”. It once placed the top city which had the most vinyl stores in the world in 2017. Now you know how we’re geeks.
You can find not only Japanese albums but also ones from other countries – mostly from UK and US – so you also may find what you’ve been looking for.
So, you must enjoy digging in Tokyo if you have a chance to visit there but also can be “lost in translation” in a far east foreign place, so I make a list for the stores you should visit in Tokyo with maps.
And I also give you some tips to enjoy it.
Japanese is usually very shy and not good at communicating in English (of course it’s changing in a good way these days especially in big cities but still like that), so first, observe how they spend their time in the store and follow what you see, then just enjoy digging like them.
I mean, you’ll see that they mostly concentrate to turn records one by one and you shouldn’t disturb them. It’s not a rule but maybe better not to take pics or talk in a loud voice. If you wanna do those, just be caring about others.

Shinjuku Area

Shibuya Area

Ikebukuro Area

Ochanomizu Area

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